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Smart Bird Uses Bread as Bait for Fishing | Super Smart Animals | BBC Earth

I’ve always found night herons endearing, There was one at the Maui Plantation that would wait for guests to throw fish food into the pond it hung around, and would stand by the food until it saw a suitably sized fish, It was pretty interesting seeing it get excited when people started feeding the fish, and it would hop over to the site before waiting impatiently, Always seemed like it had a personality.

I live on the island of Oahu, and see this behavior from our native ‘Auku’u heron all the time in the Kawainui stream, I’ll take some bread and threw it at the ‘Auku’u and it will carefully and strategically position the bread within easy reach so that it can grab the Tilapia that come to feed on the bread, He will constantly reposition the bread to keep it from drifting out of reach, Not sure if it is a learned behavior or natural instinct but either way it is amazing to watch, and not uncommon.

Give hank some bread, feed him for a day, Hank learns to fish, he feeds himself for a lifetime, This comment is aging nicely, My buddy frank does the same thing with women, When he gets his paycheck he doesn’t cash it he just puts it on the ground and waits for, Just a reminder to never feed bread to birds! It’s really bad for them, Go with birdseed or cracked corn instead, Ducks, geese, & swans are also happy to take lettuce.

can take the form of the things Smart Heron enemy most desire, causing them to let their guard down, willing to do anything to reach it, ignoring the danger, When Smart Heron enemy is in range of [Shortenin’ Bread], it will use its secret ability, impaling the enemy in a swift movement,

Hank started a bakery after this and is selling bread to all of the other birds, Hank bought a fishing operation with his bread money, Hank retires in Hawaii, Best life ever for Hank, Aloha!, Amazing birds! I’ve seen videos of green herons doing the same and it’s incredible that they’re able to innovate like that, Tbh BC night herons are one of my all-time favorite birds and this just added to it!.

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