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How Do Cats Show Affection?

Cats Show affection in so many different ways, It is a common misconception about cats are not affectionate which is not true, It is often stated that dogs are more affectionate than cats.

It is true that dogs have more explicit ways to Show their affection but also cats show affection too.

Cats usually Show affection through playful biting behavior, If you ever wondered why your cat is biting you, that might be the reason!

Body Language.

Body language especially tail language is very important when you want to know how is your cat doing, If you know how to read your cat’s tail, then you will know a lot of things about your cat too.

Showing affection can take a form in their tails, If your cat is happy and want to show you affection, then your cat’s tail will be upright with a slight curve at the top.

Eye Contact.

Eye contact is a huge factor when your cat wants to Show love, Lingering, unblinking and long stare might not be the friendliest look.

But remember that you have to think about it from a cat’s perspective. Cat’s Show affection that way.

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