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Black Mamba Catching Big Fish | Episode 9- Black Mamba: Born to Hunt

I’m addicted to watching your show, the minks are so entertaining and impressive in their prowess, more entertaining than any Hollywood flick, You have done such a wonderful job at training these animals, you also have elevated this precious animal species to a whole new level in the conscience of many hundreds of thousands of people who view your channel, Thanks for making the world a better place, also thank you so much for your show/channel, I can tell you and your team really put a lot of work and effort and heart into it.

You’re an amazing person, thinking you’re a nobleman for your words, you’re an inspiration, your my idol for bringing and training your family for this trip “situation”, I salute you, Fairly new subscriber here, and playing catch up on the vids, By far one of the most interesting channels on Youtube and I’m really enjoying it, And how freaking cute the little person in the little waders!.

So cute how Mamba took the fish straight to your baby like without context it’s so adorable, I thought she was running away with the fish at first because the (baby chair?) was out of frame, I agreed with you on your comment on carp, The Bengali people are considered an expert on fish-eating beside a couple of others and they consider carps are the best fish for consumption.

Here it’s 5 bucks for one kilo of the wild carps, caught in the main river, and it’s a very good fish to eat especially the bigger ones, coz of the bones it’s likely to eat the small ones, Deep-fried and served with garlic sauce and cornbread, that’s the most common combo, This was awesome! very entertaining, She is really smart, That’s awesome she understands here here here.

Mamba is super fast, She was swimming as fast as those fish, And yes, carp are really tasty, You need to know how to remove two sets of bones to clean them properly, You’re a great dad but please tell me you’ve spent time teaching Olive how to get out of her waders if she were to step into a deep spot, Being a fly-fisher myself, I’ve taught myself by jumping into the pool to learn how to shuck them quickly, Love your vids & family.

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